Imagine the improved results over time, if a MORE EFFECTIVE warm up INCREASED your athletes’ and clients’ performance by 2% EACH workout –
for example, by incorporating THIS stretch

A Message from Karsten Jensen, MSc., Strength Coach to World Class and Olympic Athletes
Dear Strength Coach/Personal Trainer,
“Victory loves preparation” is true in many areas of life, including strength and conditioning and fitness.

No strength coach or personal trainer would expect their athlete(s) or client(s) to do well in a competition or reach a body composition goal without THOROUGH preparation.
EVERY session counts!
EVERY minute of EVERY session counts, to paraphrase American entrepreneur Donald Trump.

Just “getting warm” simply is not good enough.

Early on in my career I experienced what most of us experience; that there did not seem to be enough time to fit in all the exercises -  that the athletes I trained needed - into the training program.
At that time, the general preparation I prescribed and the general preparation I saw the athletes perform before their sport practice was not overly systematic.
Thus, the idea of “what if we can take some of the goals of the training program and accomplish these goals during the general preparation, WHILE at the same time “get warm”  – was not a far stretch.
Yes, “six minutes on the bike” or “jogging around the perimeter” does make your clients or athletes “warm,” but you can design the warm up to accomplish so much more! 

If you have taken an interest in improving the warm up that you prescribe, you have probably learned about and applied many of the warm up strategies available to us today, like foam rolling and dynamic mobility.

Maybe you have also come across the age old, “Should you do static stretching during the warm up or is it bad for you?"

Have you ever wondered which TYPE of general warm up is the MOST appropriate for a SPECIFIC athlete or client at a SPECIFIC point in time?

With so many types of warm ups to choose between, our challenge is no longer to “come up” with something to do in the general warm up, but rather – for each athlete or client, or each team - to systematically choose and periodize the best strategies for both the general warm up and the specific warm up.
You might know that I am the creator of The Flexible Periodization Method, a comprehensive system of periodization that “fits the system to the athlete or client instead of fitting the client or athlete to the system.”
Thus, as part of The Flexible Periodization Method, I have researched, developed and tested the most effective strategies and principles to systematically choose and periodize  strategies for both the general warm up and the specific warm up.

I share these principles and strategies in “Victory Loves Preparation”, the MOST comprehensive workshop available today that teaches periodization of both the general warm up and the specific warm up.

Victory Loves Preparation is a Yes To Strength Level I workshop because an optimized warm up lays the foundation for the most productive workout possible.

Even our level I workshops are known to be INTENSE. As a result, any certified strength coach or certified personal trainer will benefit from this workshop.

You are not required to have read The Flexible Periodization Method to benefit from this workshop.

How to make the general warm up about
MUCH MORE than “getting warm.”

Legendary basketball coach, Pat Riley, was known for asking each player for a mere 2% improvement in a selected performance parameter.

Riley knew how these effects would add up and result in a substantial increase in the team's overall performance.

Can you imagine the improved results over time, if a MORE EFFECTIVE warm up INCREASED your athlete's and client's performance by 2 percent EACH workout?

Victory Loves Preparation is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE one day workshop available today that teaches how to create a more effective warm up by systematically choosing and periodizing the best strategies for both the general warm up and the specific warm up.

The 59-page manual is sent to you electronically before the workshop to give you a chance to prepare for the 2 days of INTENSE theory and hands-on practice.
DAY 1 - Empower yourself by Understanding the Principles
  • How to motivate your athletes or clients to making the general warm up about MORE than “getting warm.”
    • Why you should always supervise the warm up and cool down and how to do it effectively and in a meaningful way.
    • What you are “saying” by telling the athlete or client to warm up before the session with you begins.
    • Guide the athlete's and client's mental focus during the general warm up.
    • vlpcov2web.jpgHow to “connect” the general warm up to the upcoming practice.
  • The 5 factors that guide the content of the general warm up.
    • The training level of the athlete or client
    • The Physical status of the athlete or client
    • The type 2 goal of the athlete or client
    • The content and structure of the practice session to follow
    • The weekly number of training sessions.
  • 8 key areas (exercise types) for the general warm up.
    • Corrective stretching
    • Self Myo-facial release
    • Joint Mobility Exercises
    • Functional Muscle Control Exercises
    • Bodyweight Exercises
    • Balance- and reflex challenging exercises
    • Power exercises
    • Sport Specific Exercises
DAY 2 - Achieve Proficiency Through Practice
With these templates the warm up becomes as important as the workout. You will deal with this component by using exercises that are challenging and require you to instruct and continuously observe and guide the athlete or fitness client, which in turn provides an increased perceived value of your service.
Gone are the awkward moments when you just watch the athlete or fitness client jogging or try to make small talk.
  • 4 different warm up templates for the general warm up.
    • Template 1: Corrective Stretching
    • Template 2: Self Myo-Facial Release
    • Template 3: Joint Mobility Exercises
    • Template 4: Bodyweight Exercises
  • How to periodize the general warm up over a day, a week and several months.
  • The specific Warm Up
    • The physiological adjustments to be accomplished during the specific warm up.
    • Activation sequences for strength training, jumping and throwing and energy systems training.
    • Periodization of the specific warm up.
  • ... Cool down
    • The most effective ways to cool down.
    • The benefit of not cooling down immediately after the workout.
MANY different exercises are presented during the different components of the workshop and the 4 templates offered are filled with super effective exercises!

You will walk away with new inspiration and tons of exercises and strategies that you can put to use THE NEXT DAY.


“Karsten did a very good job elaborating on the material and getting us to do it practically as well.
Rayhaneh Semnanian
CPTN-CPT, Toronto

“OK - I am interested!”
When is the next workshop and how can I sign up? 

Do you agree that EVERY minute of EVERY session counts?

If you do, I think that you will greatly appreciate the strategies that I have to share with you in “Victory Loves Preparation.”
“Victory Loves Preparation” - the MOST comprehensive workshop available today that teaches periodization of both the general warm up and the specific warm up.
You will walk away with increased CONFIDENCE in your ability to choose and/or create the most effective warm up and cool down programs possible – and your athletes and fitness clients will love for it! 

The 2-Day version is EXPANDED with MANY more exercise examples and current science to back up the strategies and the entire section on the specific warm up.

“One of the best workshops, I have taken. Karsten is the BEST! Was able to elaborate and was very practical.
Keston Simpson
CPTN-CPT, Toronto

DATE: Aug. 7, 2016
TIME: 9:30am-5:30pm

Dedicated To Our Success,

Karsten Jensen, MSc.,
Strength Coach, CPTN-CPT.M
Author, Lecturer, Founder of Yes To Strength
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