An Invitation To Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers:
periodization-simplified-coverweb.jpgAre you looking for better training programs for your athletes or fitness clients to:
  • Minimize overuse injuries?
  • Reduce the time spent on plateaus in strength, speed, power or endurance and set new personal records?
  • Secure optimal transfer from strength and conditioning/fitness training to improvements in sport performance?
  • Increase the speed of achieving any goal?
An increasing number of strength coaches and personal trainers from around the world find that accomplishing the above goals requires their training programs to be H.I.P:
Holistic  Individualized Periodized
Takes into account all aspects of the human being in the creation of the training program (body, mind, spirit)  All decisions in the process of creating the program are based on individual goals and needs and not generic or pre-determined standards.  All aspects of the training program are decided based on principles of periodization.
The Flexible Periodization Method – the only complete method of periodization that is dedicated to H.I.P training programs - has solved 6 major limitations of traditional systems of periodizaiton. Read more.

The Flexible Periodization Method helps you apply everything else that you know and allows you to learn and grow from every program that you create. Read More .

The Flexible Periodization Method keeps “the main thing, the main thing” by ultimately being a MAP of the journey towards your athletes' and clients' true potential for strength, speed, power or endurance. Read more .

yts_circle-white.jpg Please feel free to send me an email if you want to know more about the Flexible Periodization Method.

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Karsten Jensen
, founder of Yes To Strength, is the creator of The Flexible Periodization Method and Performance Optimization with Periodization (for the Danish Federation of Sports). Karsten has worked with Olympic, world class and international level athletes from 21 sports over the last two decades. He is the first Strength Coach to create a complete system of periodization.

The Yes To Strength Mission

Driven by 6 beliefs , YTS is on a mission to increase the collective awareness of our true potential for strength, power, speed and endurance and how to manifest it by working with the inherent mechanisms of body, mind and spirit through individualized, holistic and periodized training programs.

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Simplification of Periodization Tips

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